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The Breakfast Ministry

 Humbly our church presents The Breakfast Ministry! 


This ministry is open to our community.  Anyone can join us between 8:00–9:00a.m. every Saturday Morning.  The Breakfast Ministry was launched in January 2014.  While driving to New York one morning in December of 2013, three of us were brainstorming for a community outreach program – a program whereby we can be a blessing to our community. Being always full of ideas, Dr. Alveranga suddenly blurted out, “Why don’t we prepare breakfast for the community on Saturday mornings?”  At the moment it sounded farfetched, but the more we explored the idea, the more it became accomplishable.  

When we first started the ministry we advertised via flyers and verbally.  During the first month while a team of three would be cooking the food in the church’s kitchen, Dr. Alveranga would walk or drive the streets of Frankford, looking for people who were hungry and desired a meal.  We did not meet many people via that method.  Then we heard of the recovery house, situated on Frankford Avenue.  I remember well!  It was a snowy, Saturday morning, after we were finished cooking this big amount of food, we looked around and there were about three people from the neighborhood to eat it.  We had cooked for about 50 people.  Dr. Alveranga and I decided we will go in search of the Recovery House.  We found it and with that we made friends with about 30 men who couldn’t believe that they could sit and enjoy a hot, delicious, home-made breakfast, free of cost, less than a block from their home. It was on from then!

Today, the breakfast ministry caters to the community, the men from the recovery house and church members who choose to have breakfast at the church.  Hard-working, dedicated members such as Sis. June, Elder Carl, Brother Alexander, Sis. Rhonda and Dr. Alveranga, work tediously, yet joyfully to keep this ministry afloat. Every so often we have a unique team of volunteers who make themselves available when the regular team is committed otherwise.

The breakfast program caters to about 75 people per week and is funded partly by our church and individual church members.  So far, we have seen God blessed this ministry tremendously.  We have made a host of friends and lately some of the men were baptized and are now members of our church. 

I would not want to be doing anything else between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings.  It’s a fulfilling ministry!  All our praise go to God who has made it possible!