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Women are quite simply the fabric of society.  You put forth any title or role and they can walk in the truth of it, caregiver, healer, warrior, intercessor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and the list goes on.  This past Sunday a group of women came together for sisterhood, fellowship and yes ...a pause... from the responsibilities and cares that often consume us.  Knowing that the coordinators of the event had just suffered the loss of a dear sister in less than a week and was willing to push through was humbling.  Sitting with friends, sharing uplifting conversations and being wonderfully nourished was great.  But there were other moments that grabbed my attention and informed the title of this blog.  You see it became clearer to me that you never truly know someone by just looking at where they are now.  I learned of one sister’s journey through the foster system, the projects, medical challenges and more and somehow raising three strong, successful sons.  I saw another young sister pledge her life to be available for God to use her, creating an intimacy between her and God that was inspiring to watch.  Yet another young woman, through her dance ministry, reminded us that after we have done everything we ought to stand still so we can see the salvation of God.  And if that wasn’t enough, another young lady spoke to us about confidence and walking in the truth of who God says we are and we wrapped that up with a beautiful rendition of Tamela Mann’s Take me to the King -because the truth is - I am tired.  Tired of the sting of death and stain of sin covering this world, people walking through life purposeless and angry and tearing down the very fabric of society, often harming the innocent.  But comfort yourself with the words of Eccl 3:1-8, To everything there is a season....and for all of us who experience seasons, we know this infallible truth, one season passes into the next and to the next ... it does not last...so for those mourning, as we are at the Mizpah Church, may we all live for the day when we can ask, "O death where is your sting?"  Cor 15:54-56.

Thank you to Sis Debbie and her team for making this event the success that it was...

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